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Welcome to Reselling

RapidRestocks is the subscription service you need to start paying retail, and selling for resell. Offering everything you need either to begin or grow your reselling venture. Members get access to our Discord community along with Rapidfill, RapidRaffles, RapidSMS and everything else we offer as part of your membership. Our features allow you to get started securing sneakers for retail from day one.

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Know when, where and how to secure profitable drops.

We keep you up-to-date on every new and profitable release thanks to our expert resell analysis, early links, extensive site lists and exclusive information. We support everyone, focussing on the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and Canada. Your experience is fully customisable thanks to our clever role system.


RapidRestocks RapidSMS

Get shock-drop alerts to your texts with RapidSMS.

We appreciate people have a lot to do in their day, hence we created RapidSMS that will send you a text message whenever something important has, or is about to release. This is fully customisable, however shock-drops, SNKRS Pass, Exclusive Access and hyped release notifications can really make the difference between you securing an item and not.

Being in the reselling game for many years, we're trusted by thousands of resellers across the world.

Checkout effortlessly with Rapidfill.

One of our best selling points, Rapidfill allows you to breeze through checkouts and features an add-to-cart, autofill and auto-checkout. It's a Chrome Extension, meaning it works on all desktops and laptops! Supporting all the major retailers including, Shopify, Supreme, Yeezy Supply and so much more... Once you have it, you can't go without it.

RapidRestocks Rapidfill

RapidRestocks RapidRaffles

Give yourself the best chance of winning with RapidRaffles.

Winning raffles is one of the biggest aspects of sneaker reselling, and we're sure you've had your fair share of L's, right? Our Raffle monitors find all the latest raffles, filtered by region, to make sure you have the best chances of winning that pair for retail price.

If there is profit to be made, we'll be covering it. Information, early links and 24/7 support at your fingertips.

See our member's success for yourself.

Every day is a profitable day inside the group. Our expert reselling advice and notifications keep members from all regions securing hyped releases for retail. Pssst... This will be you! Care to see more success? Visit our twitter - @RapidRSuccess.


"Insane support in this group, I can't find the answer to my questions anywhere but here"


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"If you are a reseller or just started reselling, this cook group will be one of your best investments!"


"Not my first cook group been in a few but none as good as this. Crazy good monitors"


"I'm new to the scene and was able to cop an item the same week I joined!"


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Get access to 1 on 1 help, comprehensive guides, and voice calls with reselling experts. Regardless of how much you know, we're here to help. You'll be an experienced reseller in no time.

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We take pride in our community, you'll be joining a group of like-minded individuals all with the same goals as you. Chat casually or help each other out! That's what joining us is all about, everyone is welcome.

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